Sunday, September 4, 2011

iPhone: Making Your Own Ringtones

Have an iPhone? Like custom ringtones? Especially ones that are free? If you answered yes to all three, read on, my friends!

After reading some articles about ringtone making (see this article and this one from MacLife), I decided to try it out myself.

The procedure involves a few easy steps:
[1] Download the free app from the App Store. Click here to read about it on Apple's website.
[2] Have unprotected mp3s on your iPhone
[3] Follow the instructions provided for you in the App.
[4] Get the files onto your computer (I recommend sending it rather than sharing files via iTunes because it's easier, I think.) Watch the video to see how to do file shares.
[5] Add the files to your iTunes library, and then sync the Ringtones to your iPhone.

The App makers have a really excellent video with clear step-by-step screenshots. I highly recommend it. You can watch it here:

The longest and most tedious part of this whole procedure is the iPhone Sync process, but for the million ringtones I'm going to make, I don't mind!

I had Gmail screen the files for virus (I'm a little paranoid), and these files got the green light. I followed the video's guide, and now I have myself a nice little collection of ringtones.

If you're interested, there's a 99 cents version of this app, which allows for some customizable features such as speeding up or slowing down the mp3 (as mentioned in one of the MacLife articles). For most, that will probably not be necessary, and the free version is just fine.

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