Monday, October 24, 2011

iTunes 10: WiFi Sync Your iPad/iPhone

One of the best things about the new iTunes 10 software is that it allows you to do wireless syncing. Finally, gone are the days where you scramble for your little white USB cable just to add a single song to your iPhone.

If you set the option appropriately, you can now sync your iOS device to your computer wirelessly when they're on the same WiFi network! The procedure's pretty simple:

How to set up WiFi Syncing For Your iOS Device
[1] Plug in your iOS device to your computer.

[2] Open iTunes. Click on the device as it appears in the left hand panel. Now, you are presented with what I call the 'Device Management' screen.

[3] At the bottom of the page, you'll see a section called Options. Check the box called Sync with this iPad over WiFi. (You can replace the word iPad with iPhone depending on your device.)

[4] Now, make sure to Apply these new settings by clicking on the bottom right button. If you don't do this, iTunes won't save the changes you just made for your iOS devices. 

[5] Now, unplug your device from iTunes. Congratulations! You have just configured the new settings. Now it's time to test it out! 

[6] Next time you start up iTunes, you'll be able to manage your device without having to plug it in. 

As long as the device is connected to the same Wi Fi network as your computer, the device will appear in your computer's iTunes. 

Devices on the same wireless network appear in iTunes without being manually connected. 

Before, you would have had to plug in the iOS device to see them appear under the Devices section in iTunes. Now, they should appear in iTunes even without being physically connected to your computer. 

[3] Make the changes you'd want in the Device Management screen. Or, if you just automatically sync your whole iTunes library, you don't have to do anything! The only thing you must not forget, is to click on Sync. If you don't click Sync, then it won't sync, and this will all have been for naught. This new iTunes 10 feature is magical, but it's not that magical. 

Personally, I couldn't believe this WiFi syncing; it seemed too good to be true. But, of course, it totally works! On my computer, I designated a new playlist to sync, and after I pressed Sync, the playlist appeared on my iPhone! So awesome!!!!! 

Press Sync in iTunes to watch the magic happen!

Enjoy these fruits of the wireless revolution!

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